Ļoti uzticams, augstas veiktspējas motors bīdāmajiem vārtiem

Ļoti uzticams, augstas veiktspējas motors bīdāmajiem vārtiem

מפעילים בזינה של 230 וולט עבור שערי הזזה לשימוש אינטנסיבי ביותר; חזקים במיוחד עם ביצועים טובים הודות למנגנון הילוכים הנתון באגן שמן. שליטה במומנט הפיתול באמצעות טכנולוגיית D-TRACK ומקודד אבסולוטי לצורך דיוק מרבי בתזוזה. לוח פיקוד עם הכנה לתקשורת באמצעות פרוטוקול U-link ומנגנון נגד פריצה. מפעיל עם מתג מגביל-קצה מגנטי. יחידת הבקרה מבטיחה בטיחות מלאה הודות למערכת בקרת המומנט הבלעדית שגורמת למפעילים אלה לציית באופן מלא לתקנים אירופיים הנוכחיים.

תכונות עיקריות

Speed: The fast opening of the ICARO VELOCE SMART AC A1000 reduces waiting times, allowing quicker access, particularly useful for commercial and industrial sites.

Security: The fast operating speed means that the ICARO VELOCE SMART AC A1000 closes quickly, reducing the risk of entry by unauthorised people.

U-Link: The ICARO VELOCE SMART AC A 1000 operator is compatible with the U-Link communication protocol, through the integrated LEO B CBB control panel.

D-Track dynamic path tracking: smart torque management system that constantly updates the gate torque level, improving the safety of the maneuver regardless of weather conditions, temperature or the degree of wear of the system.

Oil Gear: Oil bath gearbox unit. The component gears of the transmission are immersed in an oil bath to ensure perfect lubrication throughout their service life.

Technopolymers: The combined use of metal and plastic-technopolymer gears provides the perfect engagement between the surfaces, allowing for reduced friction and the highest levels of reliability in intensive use.

Personalised key: The lever release makes it easy to release the motor and the personalised key is unique, providing increased security.

Screws on the front: By putting the fastening screws on the front of the casing, installation and maintenance are easier and more convenient, even in confined spaces.

  • ER - READY
  • Reduction unit in oil bath
  • קוד מתגלגל
  • The new coding system for direct cloning of remote controls Based on microprocessor technology, this system allows the cloning of any MITTO remote control in a MITTO REPLAY remote control. In fact, the first remote control "teaches" the second one the correct code which is automatically saved in the receiver the first time it is used. Everything occurs at the highest levels of security thanks to the use of the Rolling Code safe transmission system.

  • The device included in a specific range of Bft barriers, offering great durability in being maintenance free; it ensures extreme quietness and irreversibility of movement.

  • For safe transmission. BFT transmitters use a rolling code system that manages the commands in a completely secure way and prevents any type of external violation. When a transmitter key is pressed the command is sent to the control unit with a different code each time, identifiable only by the receiver and accepted only once. The algorithm generated then prevents the reproduction of the code.

רשימת מוצרים
Ļoti uzticams, augstas veiktspējas motors bīdāmajiem vārtiem

230V operator for sliding gates weighing up to 1,000kg with absolute encoder. Gate panel speed 25 m/min. Electromechanical limit switch. With mechanical safety clutch, manages torque using D-Track...


אלו הם האביזרים המומלצים עבור מוצרים אלה.

Cod. D571054

פלדה מגולוונת, 4-מודולים, חתך 22 x 22 mm, אורך 2 m, לריתוך כושר נשיאה מרבי 2000 kg

Cod. N999156

לוח בסיס עבור ARES או ICARO (מסופק עם מפעיל)

Cod. P125018

תיבת מגן ממתכת עבור מפעילי הזזה מסדרת ARES או ICARO

Cod. P111468

לוח הרחבה לחיבור יחידות מרכזיות עם ניהול בקרות טוריות

Cod. P125035

סט מצברי חירום עבור Deimos BT A, Ares BT A, Deimos Ultra BT A, Ares Ultra BT A.

CSR99 20
Cod. R920110

Kit for 8k2 resistive safety edges, length 2 metres, with 99 mm-high EPDM rubber strip, aluminium section, 2 contact terminals, 2 caps, 1 x 8.2 kOhm resistance connector and connection cable.

Kit for 8k2 resistive safety edges, length 2 metres, with 99 mm-high EPDM rubber strip, aluminium section, 2 contact terminals, 2 caps, 1 x...

Cod. R920111

Wireless transmission system for resistive safety edges comprising transmitter and receiver.

Cod. P125050

Wireless transmitter for resistive safety edges.

Cod. D114093 00002

Flashing light with incorporated antenna for motors with power supply 230 V.

Cod. D114094 00002

Flashing light without incorporated antenna for motors with power supply 230 V.

Cod. P111782

Pair of photocells adjustable 180 ° horizontally. Range 20m. Power supply 12 – 33Vac / 15 – 35Vdc

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