Electromechanical automation systems for swing gates

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Range of electromechanical operators with articulated arm for residential use, for swing gate leaves of up to 2.5 metres and 250 kg.
Ideal for installation on large-size pillars thanks to its articulated levers that allow opening up to 125°.

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Residential 24V operator for gates of up to 150 kg in weight, able to integrate completely within the jambs of swing gates.
Disappearing completely, it enables keeping the look of the gates "clean" while remaining a fundamental element of operational performance.
The Hide range includes an entire outfit of accessories needed to install the gate completely, such as the top and bottom hinges.

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E5 N

Extremely small-size electromechanical operator with articulated arm.
Suitable for residential use; capable of automating swing gate leaves up to 1.8 metres wide and weighing up to 200 kg.

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ELI 250 N

Range of underground electromechanical operators for residential use, for swing gate leaves of up to 3.5 metres and 400 kg.
The built-in mechanical stops for both opening and closing enable making the installation totally invisible thanks to having eliminated the stops on the ground.
The magnetic limit switch system (BT) guarantees maximum precision and reliability in any climatic conditions.

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Bft electromechanical operators automate swing gates up to 500 kg in weight and up to 5 metres in length. Ideally suitable for residential use, they combine long-term reliability and safety features. For swing gates near pillars or perimeter walls, electromechanical operators with articulated arms - such as the Virgo - can operate effectively even when a smaller opening angle is required. Underground operators like the Eli 250 N BT and Eli 250 N, have a concealed automation mechanism providing an elegant solution for properties where appearance is paramount. Available in both 24V and 230V versions, electromechanical operators are safe and simple to install. The range of electromechanical swing gate operators have the benefits of full connectivity with the U-Link platform. This was developed by Bft to enable users to control their automation system from their smartphones or remote controls.

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Max. weight of door/gate wing Max. width of door/gate wing Motor voltage Type of limit switch Impact reaction Slowdown U-Link Control unit Power input Maximum angle Cycle time Locking Release Frequency of use Protection rating Environmental conditions

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