Automation Systems for Residential Use

Give life to your home.

A wide range of innovative products suitable for every need: the solutions that Bft has designed for Home Access Automation. Easy to install and intuitive to use, our home automation systems are the result of ongoing technological research and an approach focused on the individual, with the aim of facilitating the installer's work and making life easier for the end user.

The production of residential automation systems is an important sector for Bft, through which the company has grown to become an international Full Access Specialist.

Discover the Bft products and solutions designed for the Home Access Automation sector.

Bft solutions for the Home world

Systems that open up a new world for firms.

The remote control for sliding operators with U-link? A smartphone. MORE
Interconnectivity on hand for U-link operators. MORE
The remote control for garage operators? A smartphone. MORE
The remote control for swing operators? A smartphone. MORE
The remote control for non-U-link sliding operators? A smartphone. MORE
The remote control for non-Bft operators? A smartphone. MORE
Remote troubleshooting. MORE
Change parameters locally with a click. MORE
Change parameters remotely with a click. MORE
New performance highlighted MORE
Interconnectivity on hand for non-U-link Bft operators. MORE
Interconnectivity on hand for roller shutter operators. MORE
Interconnectivity on hand for non-Bft operators. MORE
Control the lighting with a touch. MORE
Control electrical devices with a touch. MORE
Comfort and saving at a touch. MORE
Completely autonomous low voltage operators. MORE
Completely autonomous garage door operators. MORE
Wireless safe closing. MORE
Safe closing. MORE
Up-and-over garage door pull operators. MORE
Anti-vandalism protection MORE
Safe wireless access for sliding operators. MORE
Safe wireless access for swing operators. MORE
In case of emergency, Sl Bat. MORE
Easy to install photocells. MORE
Reliable wireless access for non-Bft operators. MORE
Flashing lights for any situation. MORE
Local troubleshooting. MORE
A remote control for all operators. MORE
Make a copy of the remote control. MORE

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