Bollards to protect sensitive sites

Safety is a top priority.

In modern times, the protection of crowded public spaces is a top priority. After a series of incidents in little more than twelve months, vehicular terrorism is now a concern worldwide because attacks can be mounted using readily available cars, vans and lorries.

However, making sensitive sites safe is less straightforward because the places at risk are often historically and culturally significant sites.

Keeping citizens safe without obstructing their freedom of movement is the ultimate goal in the future because this approach will allow people to regain a sense of safety whilst limiting the impact on their daily life.



Safe and secure solutions

Solutions to stop heavy vehicles driven at high speed have long existed but they are mainly emergency measures which can be rapidly deployed but are impractical in aesthetic and functional terms: concrete blocks, planters, Jersey Barriers and low concrete walls are all able to secure access points effectively but they're difficult to install and move and they often detract from the aesthetic appeal of the protected sites.

Issues with solutions of this type:

• if rammed by a truck travelling at more than 30 mph, conventional barriers will slow the vehicle, but could still be displaced beyond the point of impact and may still strike any persons present in the immediate vicinity;

• after installation, they can no longer be moved without the use of a crane and specialised personnel, resulting in higher costs and more time;

• blocking off vehicular access, with these solutions could also prevent the transit of emergency vehicles (ambulances, fire engines and police vehicles);

• their appearance could impair the aesthetic appeal of the sites where they are installed.

The simplest and most versatile solution is to install anti-terrorism bollards, both fixed and retractable. These can adapt to the needs of the local administration by preserving the appearance of the environment, while guaranteeing safety in the case of impact at speeds of up to 50 mph. They can also provide an automated access point that can be opened to admit emergency vehicles or allow rapid evacuation of the protected area.

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Bft’s experience provides the solution

Bft has designed and developed a range of different types of bollards that today provide the perfect solution.

Once installed, these bollards offer several major benefits:

• designed to comply with the main international safety standards (IWA and PAS68);

• high level of breakout resistance and are structurally designed to stop a vehicle of more than 7 tons in weight travelling at 50 mph;

• each automatic anti-terrorism bollard is equipped with its own hydraulic pump which allows it to remain independently functional, even in the case of faults in the other bollards;

• in the event of a power failure the post remains in place and can be retracted only by means of a special manual procedure;

• the fixed and automatic bollards is are identical, for continuity and uniformity on installation sites.

The experience accumulated by Bft over the years has allowed us to engineer systems designed to prevent tampering with the mechanisms, making the bollards virtually inviolable.

Bft has installed these devices in countries with high level terror threats, where they continue to safeguard citizens with a near-zero impact on their surroundings thanks to their ability to blend with the existing urban environment.

Bft’s experience in the bollards sector means that bespoke solutions can be designed to fit seamlessly with the specific requirements of each customer.

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