B-EBA - 扩展卡


Expansion module for BFT operators with U-Link platform for wirelessly integrating motors into a Somfy Thaoma "Connected Home" automation network. It controls operators for sliding and swing gates, as well as garage door motors. It handles Start, Open and Close commands. The motor still receives commands from BFT remote controls. The motor receiver remains active and still stores the standard number of BFT remote controls. It receives commands from Somfy iO two-way and iO one-way remote controls. It can manage an unlimited number of remote controls via the iO two-way protocol and up to 10 iO one-way remote controls. It integrates with the Tahoma User Interface and receives commands from it and displays the position of the gate. It can be paired with the Somfy Tahoma device in just a few simple steps.




Gateway expansion card to connect to TCP/IP automation networks via U-Link slot.

通过扩展卡可将 U-link 设备连接到家庭 Wi-Fi 网络。连接后的电机可以通过安卓和 IOS 智能手机上的 U-control 应用程序对其进行远程管理。