Automation systems for industrial sectional doors and folding doors

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24V electromechanical operator for sectional garage doors installable in residential, industrial and commercial environments. The sturdy mechanical structure and the microprocessor technology of the control unit allow intensive use of the operator, ensuring reliability and long life. The D-Track torque control system together with the absolute encoder ensure maximum precision in the control of leaf movement and the detection of obstacles.

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24V electromechanical operator for semi-intensive use, for automation of industrial sectional doors up to 25 m² (Pegaso B Cja 625) or up to 45 m². Limit switches with absolute encoder, with the possibility of rapid adjustment from floor. Max. opening speed 24rpm and max. torque 70Nm (Pegaso B Cja625); max. opening speed 24rpm and max. torque 100Nm (Pegaso B Cja 645).

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Hydraulic operator for very intensive use for industrial folding doors, maximum two panels per leaf. Designed for the toughest conditions of use, it combines strength and the typical reliability of hydraulic operators.

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Range of electromechanical operators for industrial folding doors, maximum two panels per leaf. Available also in 24V version to guarantee maximum anti-crushing safety and precision in movement and slowdown.

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Bft industrial sectional and folding door operators are available in electromechanical versions, for opening leaves of up to 45 m2 in semi-intensive use, or in hydraulic version, for very heavily used industrial folding doors. Suitable for all environments (commercial and industrial), Bft automation systems can be equipped with the D-Track function, specially created to regulate opening speed in response to any obstacles the doors may encounter.

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U-Link Control unit Power input Type of limit switch Slowdown Impact reaction Locking Release Frequency of use Environmental conditions (min) Environmental conditions (max) Protection rating Motor power supply Door surface area Output revolutions Max torque Manual cycle Max speed Shaft diameter Travel Power supply Opening or closing time Max torque

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