Professional electromechanical barriers

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Professional electromechanical barriers

Range of professional 230 Vac electro-mechanical barriers for frequent use, designed to work under a great variety of conditions including large car parks, motorway toll gates with frequent reversing, industrial installations. Mechanical movement with crank to make the bar operate smoothly and harmoniously, also managing slowdowns in opening and closing.

Professional electromechanical barriers


Rolling Code

For safe transmission. BFT transmitters use a rolling code system that manages the commands in a completely secure way and prevents any type of external violation. When a transmitter key is pressed the command is sent to the control unit with a different code each time, identifiable only by the receiver and accepted only once. The algorithm generated then prevents the reproduction of the code.

Reduction unit in oil bath

The device included in a specific range of Bft barriers, offering great durability in being maintenance free; it ensures extreme quietness and irreversibility of movement.

Inductive encoder

A contactless high-resolution device for detecting obstacles. It ensures rapid reversing of motion and improves smoothness of overall movement during acceleration and slowdown.

Products list

    230 V electromechanical barrier for controlling da 1,7 a 3,0 m gates. Opening time #{td-8060-42-3} with deceleration. Maximum barrier length: 3 m. Suitable for installation in areas with high frequency of movement and reversals of direction (e.g. car parks with high traffic flows, etc.). Colour RAL 7015.

      230 V industrial electromechanical barrier for controlling da 4,0 a 6,4 m gates. Opening time #{td-8060-42-3} with deceleration. Maximum barrier length 6 m. Option to fit single or dual barrier bracket. Colour RAL 7015.

        Barriera elettromeccanica industriale 230 V permette di gestire varchi da da 6,5 a 8,0 m. Tempo di apertura 8,0 s con rallentamento. Lunghezza massima della barra 8 metri. Possibilità di montare porta-barra singolo o doppio. Colore RAL 7015.


        KIT ATM LIGHT 3 R/G 2W
        P120077 00001

        Red-green LED lights kit for fitting on ATM bars up to 3m.

        KIT ATM LIGHT 5 R/G 2W
        P120077 00002

        Red-green LED lights kit for fitting on ATM bars up to 5m.

        KIT ATM LIGHT 8 R/G 2W
        P120077 00003

        Red-green LED lights kit for fitting on ATML bars up to 8 m.

        ATML EXT2

        Extension L=2m for bar model ATML 60. Lights and rubber not included.

        PCA ATM 3
        P120053 00001

        Rubber protection (red) for fitting on bar L = 3 m max.

        PCA ATM 5
        P120053 00002

        Rubber protection (red) for fitting on bar L = 5 m max.

        PCA ATM 8
        P120053 00003

        Protection rubber (black) for fitting on bars from L = 6÷8 m.

        GA ATM

        Adjustable suspended foot, powder coated cataphoresis treated.

        FAF UNI R

        Universal adjustable fork for all rods; recommended with installation of FULL SKIRT accessory.

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