Automatic gates photocells

Automatic gates photocells

Pair of adjustable photocells, designed to offer a high level of installation flexibility thanks to their compact size, the possibility to adjust the head by 90° horizontally, left and right (180° in total), and a wide input power supply range 12-33Vac and 15-35Vdc. 20 metre nominal range.

Main features

Design and compactness: COMPACTA was designed to optimise the space by reducing its dimensions as much as possible in order to be well integrated in the various types of installation. Everything features BFT’s design language, with characterising shapes and geometry that blend elegance, function and practicality.

Flexibility: COMPACTA may use a wide input power supply range, 12-33Vac 50/60Hz and 15-35Vdc, making it usable in a vast number of installations. In addition, it may be wired to all the BFT control boards with test.

Maximum installation simplicity: the possibility of adjusting the infra-red head up to 90° both left and right (180° in total) means these photocells can be installed on walls or posts that are not aligned, thus saving time and obtaining a clean and seamless installation. On the vertical plane, optics are fixed, although the geometry allows recovering slight misalignments up to +/- 5°. Finally, once the correct angle of the optics is found, the cover locks to the base with a simple click.

Products list
Automatic gates photocells

Pair of photocells adjustable 180° horizontally. 20 metre range. 12-33 VAC/15-35 VDC power supply.

Automatic gates photocells

Kit complete with a pair of aluminum posts for photocells height 522mm and a pair of Compacta A20-180 photocells adjustable 180° horizontally, range 20m, power supply 12 – 33Vac / 15 – 35Vdc


Recommended accessories.

Cod. P903029

Pair of double aluminium posts for THEA, DESME and COMPACTA series photocells. Height 1038 mm

Cod. P903030

Pair of aluminum posts of different heights, for series selectors and THEA, DESME and COMPACTA series photocells. Column for selector: height 1038 mm, column for photocells: height 552 mm

Pair of aluminum posts of different heights, for series selectors and THEA, DESME and COMPACTA series photocells. Column for selector:...

Cod. P903020

Pair of foundation plates for PHP posts

Cod. P903032

Pair of adapters for the installation of THEA, DESME and COMPACTA photocells on CC posts

Cod. P903031

Support for mounting COMPACTA series photocells on wall and on Giotto, Moovi and Michelangelo barriers

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