RIGEL 6 110-120V 50/60HZ

Product code D113833 00001

Universal control panel with display for one or two 120V operators Application: universal control panel for one or two operators Board power supply: 120V single-phase Operator power supply: 230 V, single-phase Main features: removable terminal blocks, programming and diagnostics with display, built-in four-channel receiver, electro lock, electronic torque limiter, electronic deceleration at opening and closing, a separate limit switch inputs for each motor, traffic light management, preheating hydraulic operators , weekly timer, possibility to delete a specific remote control, customization of the 4 radio channels, personalization of the duration of the delayed output, adjustable sensitivity to the obstacle. Main functions: automatic re-closing, separate motor working times, stays locked when closed, water hammer, 2/3/4 step logic, partial opening, fast closing, separate opening and closing Compatibility: RIGEL 4


The new coding system for direct cloning of remote controls Based on microprocessor technology, this system allows the cloning of any MITTO remote control in a MITTO REPLAY remote control. In fact, the first remote control "teaches" the second one the correct code which is automatically saved in the receiver the first time it is used. Everything occurs at the highest levels of security thanks to the use of the Rolling Code safe transmission system.

Pedestrian open 1
Interconnectivity Yes
Configurable AUX 3 1
Power supply accessories 24V - 1A
Stop 1
Open with timer 1
Solenoid Lock 1
Light sensor 1
Start 1
Pedestrian open with timer 1
Maximum output 750 W
Safety edge 1
Traffic light control 1
Blinker 1
Board power supply 110-120 V
Resistive edge 1
Open 1
Configurable AUX 1 1
Max. n. transmitters 63
Tested photocell 1
Close 1
Configurable AUX 2 1
Programming Display
Tested safety edge 1

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