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New SFR-B Brackets

Dear Colleagues,

Please be informed that, starting from July 2019, the new SFR B "pillar" bracket will be available for orders.

The new "column" bracket will be included into motor boxes starting from July 2019 and starting from Giuno motor.

All other linear swinging motors will follow within September 2019, except ORO which will follow within March 2010.

Please, note that P4,5/P7, as the only exception, are keeping their current brackets.

The current ARB Kits are going to be phased out, as they are going to be replaced by new Kits containing just front brackets, as it is displayed into the following table.

Please, note the old "column" bracket is not compatible with SFR B, while the new "column" bracket is not compatible with the "pillar" bracket now included into ARB lits.

The new brackets are indeed offering simplicity in use, micro-metric adjustment, and bracket offer standardization.

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