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April 2020

E5 BT A: Electromechanical swing gate operator.

The E5 BT A 24V electromechanical operator, is part of the Bft’s range of swing gate operators. The E5 is extremely compact and versatile; it can be installed easily by one person, on either pedestrian or vehicular gates, even with limited space.

While E5 BT A is particularly suitable for pedestrian gates in apartment blocks, it can also be installed in any residential and commercial environment.

E5 BT A comes in two versions: E5 BT 12, for swing gates up to 1.2 m long and 80 kg in weight; E5 BT A 18 for swing gates up to 1.8 m long and weighing 100 kg in weight.

Watch the video on the Bft YouTube channel to discover all the features and advantages of E5 BT A.

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STOPPY MBB: retractable electromechanical bollard.

Bft’s range of retractable electromechanical bollards are ideal for protecting and safeguarding areas with controlled access. StoppyMBB is a heavy-use bollard that is suitable for use in urban environments.

All the metallic parts of Stoppy MBB have been electroplated, rendering it suitable for use in almost all environmental conditions. The conical stem cap with its LED lighting and the EPDM flange gasket reduce the possibility of debris falling into the space between the stem and the outer casing.

The Stoppy MBB range consists of bollards of 500 mm and 700 mm in height and a diameter of 220 mm, with an impact resistance of 10500J. Up to 4 bollards can be controlled simultaneously with the PERSEO CBE control unit, which is equipped with a program display.

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ELT: the world’s biggest eye on the sky.

ESO, the European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere, is constructing the world’s largest infrared observatory in Chile. It will house the ELT, Extremely Large Telescope, composed of 5 mirrors of different sizes and forms. The main or primary mirror, which is 39 meters in diameter, will capture the light from the night sky and reflect it onto the other mirrors which in turn will transmit it to instruments that will visualize the images.

The ELT will be operational as of 2025, advancing astrophysical knowledge and studying exoplanets, the farthest galaxies and supermassive black holes.

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