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October 2017

X-Pass anti terror bollards

Protecting busy public spaces is a top priority today. When trying to make these 'sensitive sites' safe however, there is not always an immediate solution, as the areas most at risk are usually places of art and culture.

Ensuring the safety of people without limiting their freedom of movement is what makes the real difference because it allows us to live and feel safe again.

The range of Bft X-Pass high-security bollards are certified to the most stringent standards on the market and are able to create a safe environment .

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 The Mime range, Bft's easy mini home automation! Perfect for the remote control of lights, blinds or automation devices in general, completely wireless and easy to install without requiring any masonry work.

Discover more about MIME by clicking on the button below and writing MIME in the "search" space on the web page 

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The new Bft app that allows you to manage home automation in an easy and intuitive way!

Through an Internet connection you can open/close/stop the automation directly from your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS), check its status (open/closed) in real-time, and thanks to the GPS function you can automatically open the desired automation devices whenever you approach them with the smartphone

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