SMARTGATE is a web based system for access control. It is based on licens plate reading, it is simple, intuitive interface, various reports are available for statistic use.

Main feature

Georeferenced cartographic map (Google Maps, Open Street or static image).
Dedicated menu for real time transit monitoring, customizable by the user.
Customizable reports
System protected by user and password authentication with 5 levels of authorization.
3 different levels of permission are available either associated to persons or vehicle.
Permission based on daily or weekly calendars.
Possibility to set a maximum number of transits on a daily basis.
Possibility to drive a diff erent type of digital output to open barriers and gates, activate traffi c light, etc.
Real time parkings and devices monitoring.
Transit notification.
Multi-user software that supports multiple simultaneous connections and requests.
Operations performed by authorized users are tracked in the system.

System requirement

Operating System: Windows®7/10, Windows Server®2016/2019.
CPU: AMD® or Intel® Dual Core @ 3.40 GHz or geater
Required: 4 GB RAM (minimum)
Hard Drive: minimum 200 MB free disk space available
Other: DBMS Microsoft SQL Server® 2008 R2 Express
Microsoft Internet Information Server® (IIS) 7 or following, Microsoft Framework NET ®4.6.2, Filezilla Server.
*Note: all system requirements are satisfied for server supplied by BFT.
Compatible with Nea Plus HD.

רשימת מוצרים

Smartgate access control software license based on license plate reading, fully web based.


Smartgate access control software license based on license plate reading, fully web based, with pc and monitor.

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