The Janica Software is the solution to easily manage a Parking system Espas 30. All operation can be easily done by a simple and intuitive graphic interface. Janica is flexible and easily usable for every Parking System configuration being it simple or a complex one.

Main feature

Quick and reacting system for speeding up payment transactions.
Easy management of operator permission and sessions
Easy subscription management
Anti pass-back control
Customizable discount and fares with the possibility of simulating the effects
Pass management and possibility to convert it into ticket
It shows also license plate number (from the ANPR system) to easily manage payments.
Detailed reports with possibility to export them via different formats
Easy configuration and management of the parking system
Customizable counters for different parking areas
Management of lost ticket
Possibility to program proximity card for different functions.

System requirement

Operating System: Windows® 10
CPU: AMD® or Intel® Dual Core @ 3,40 GHz or greater
Graphic: Intel® HD Graphics 520
Memory: 4GB
Minimum free Disk space: 150MB
*Note: all system requirements are satisfied for server supplied by BFT.

רשימת מוצרים

Janica Full Software for cabled parking system management.


אלו הם האביזרים המומלצים עבור מוצרים אלה.

Cod. P800139

Accessories kit for Server including: Ethernet switch 8 ports, RS232/RS485 converter with cable and power supply, 10 proximity RFID cards

Cod. P800140

Accessories kit for POS Client including: barcode reader with auto-trigger function for hand-free use, LAN cable 1,5 mt.

Cod. A200001 20004

The SOFTWARE INSTALLATION service includes the installation of a software module by one of our technicians.

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