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June 2020

Automation systems for pedestrian doors.

Bft’s automation systems for pedestrian doors can help by reducing the need to touch surfaces such as handles and keypads. In addition, VISTA SL and VISTA SW are easy to install and are very reliable.

VISTA SL is the range of automation systems for automatic sliding pedestrian doors suitable for a maximum leaf weight of 200 kg and a leaf speed of up to 100 cm/sec. All the main functions can be programmed automatically with the control panel which has a programming display and microprocessor technology. The specially shaped wheels glide on the shock-absorber track to provide quiet running while the door is in operation.

VISTA SW is the range of automation systems for automatic swing pedestrian doors suitable for a maximum leaf weight of 350 kg; these systems are suitable for use on existing entrances and are ideal for intensive use, and for particularly large and heavy doors. VISTA SW 250 is equipped with a spring return and is suitable for use as a fire-door.

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Discover how to compare Bft product specifications directly on the website.

To help our installers find the automation system that best meets their needs we have added a special function that filters parameters to compare Bft products directly on the website.

Select the product family you are interested in, add the business and technician filters, then choose up to 3 products to compare. You can add the maximum weight of the gate, length, motor and other technical specifications to see the product fact sheets with all the product details.

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Manage your automation systems remotely with interconnectivity.

Technological innovation is simplifying operations that until recently would have been much more complicated. Take our interconnectivity solutions which allow installers to conveniently manage any number of automation systems at the same time and from a remote location, such as their office.

U-Base simplifies managing and programming automation systems and eliminates the need to be physically present on-site. With U-Prog remote controls and receivers can be programmed, facilitating the installers’ task, particularly in multiple-client sites such as apartment blocks.

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Are we ready to live on the Moon?

NASA is planning to land another man and a woman on the Moon by 2024. Lunark, a folding residential structure for a maximum of two astronauts, is being designed with this program in mind.

Lunark will be constructed with a structure in aluminium supporting 328 solar cells to generate energy. Inside, the cabins will be sound-proofed and will have a system to simulate night and day, a vertical garden to grow vegetables and a 3D printer for repairs.

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