24 V operator with relative encoder, comprising a gear motor and a control unit, for sliding gates, which can be installed inside a steel (HIDE SL SMART BT A150 and HIDE SL SMART BT A300) or aluminium (HIDE SL SMART BT A300) post which has been suitably machined. The ideal solution for residential settings for anyone wanting to fully integrate the automation of the gate in order to reduce the visual impact of the motor and the control unit: the HIDE SL operator is installed entirely inside the structure, making it invisible for anyone passing through the gate.


Smaller size: the cleanliness and elegance of the solution are improved by the option of incorporating the gear motor, control unit and accessories inside the gate structure, allowing for the automation to be completely hidden.

Backup battery (accessory): in the event of a blackout, the backup battery allows for the gate to be opened and closed a number of times without having to manually open the gate using the release mechanism. Designed specifically to be installed inside the gate structure, the backup battery is fully integrated and therefore cannot be seen from the outside by anyone passing through the gate.

Magnetic limit switch (accessory): following a power cut and in the absence of the backup battery, the control unit uses this accessory to immediately detect the position of the gate when it is fully closed, avoiding having to make a special movement to find the limit switch. Two versions of the accessory are available, one specifically for steel posts and one specifically for aluminium ones.

Easy-to-use release mechanism: if necessary, just use the special release key on the outside of the specially machined post to disconnect the gate from the automation pinion and then open and close the gate manually.

U-LINK: A single communications platform for all types of control units and receivers. The innovative connectivity systems developed by BFT, along with the wireless home access automation solutions, are incorporated via the U-Link systems communications protocol.

U-CONTROL: Application for the remote management and control of a U-Link device. The device connects to the home wifi network using B-EBA wifi. The application can manage up to 6 users per B-EBA (administrator user + 5 guests).

D-TRACK: dynamic movement, providing the necessary thrust to operate safely. This smart torque control system is based on the microprocessor technology of the BFT control units. It acquires data from a number of sensors, updating the level of thrust required for the movement. D-Track also makes it easier for the installer to prepare the legally required certifications. This allows the BFT system to operate correctly, in complete safety, regardless of the weather conditions, the temperature or the amount of mechanical wear.

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Soovitatavad tarvikud.

Cod. D221073

Plastik raamistik, 4-mooduliga, läbilõige 22 x 22 mm, pikkus 1 m, kruvitakse pesadesse Maksimaalne kandevõime 600 kg.

Cod. N999320

teras raamistik, 4-mooduliga, läbilõige 30 x 8 mm, pikkus 1 m, kruvitakse tugisammastesse Maksimaalne kandevõime 800 kg.

Cod. D114168 00003

Integreeritud antenniga vilkur 24 V võimsusega mootoritele. Valge vilkuv tuli.

Cod. D114094 00003

Integreeritud antennita vilkur 24 V võimsusega mootoritele.

Cod. P111494

Laiendplaat U-Linki ühendamiseks kodusesse Wi-Fi-võrku. Ühendatud juhte saab juhtida isegi kaugelt, kasutades Androidi ja iOS-i nutitelefonide jaoks saadaolevat U-Controli rakendust.

Laiendplaat U-Linki ühendamiseks kodusesse Wi-Fi-võrku. Ühendatud juhte saab juhtida isegi kaugelt, kasutades Androidi ja iOS-i...

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