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Novembre 2020

“Premio Industria Felix - L’Italia Che Compete” award for industry

Bft has received the "Premio Industria Felix - L’Italia Che Compete" Award for management performance and Cerved financial rating in the mechanical engineering sector.

We are honoured to announced that Bft has received the "Premio Industria Felix - L’Italia Che Compete" award from the economics and finance quarterly Industria Felix Magazine in collaboration with Cerved.

BFT has been presented with the "Alta Onorificenza di Bilancio" (highest award for finances), awarded by a distinguished panel of experts, one of the top 15 companies based in Italy for their management performance and Cerved financial rating in the mechanical engineering sector.

The following is an extract from the speech given by our CEO Fabio Billo at the award ceremony held on Monday 16th November:

... I am honoured to represent Bft SpA in collecting this award, which is also an opportunity for me to thank all of the staff of Bft SpA, from the shop floor to the executive board, for their contribution to achieving the performance levels that helped us win this award. This prize also gives us another opportunity to do something which we don’t do enough: recognise the value of individuals but above all of the team. The reason I am here is because I have a fantastic team, who are open to innovative ways of working, using flexible approaches in their strategy, and who are also humble people prepared to roll up their sleeves and get to work, without being too afraid of making mistakes.

Our ambition is to constantly improve and, who knows, to win other prestigious awards!

This award recognises the care and attention that Bft pays to economic and financial management and above all it is an incentive to work together with our team to maintain high standards of quality and to continue to reach new goals.


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