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Dear Colleagues,

In a particularly difficult period like the one we are living in, where all our habits have been completely disrupted, it is more necessary than ever to be able to adapt to these changes and adapt to these new rules of engagement.

Each of us can and must help ensure that ideas and ideas can be drawn from this emergency situation in order to contribute to a considerable external value, that is, better support for our customers and a contribution to their business, as well as increasing team spirit and motivation to be part of the Bft team, thus increasing the contribution and corporate spirit.

In this regard, we are pleased to inform you that a new tool has been introduced, "Bft - Share your idea!" available in the section of the website dedicated only to Bft employees "Bft People" through which you can suggest us your ideas that can then be voted by the entire Bft population.

Ideas must respect the company's ethical values and we ask that they be sent in English so that they can be understood by all colleagues and easier to manage.

Bft People

Share your idea

Suggest your ideas by clicking on the link below, all Bft colleagues will then be able to see them the following week and vote for them using the dedicated form on the side.

Share Idea

Vote ideas

From this section you can see all the ideas received and vote for your favorites by clicking on the link below.

Vote Ideas

Take a look at the complete regulations by clicking on the link below "REGULATIONS".

We are counting on you!

Good job.


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