Automation Systems for Commercial Use

A smarter city and on a human scale.

Systems for the management of car parks, road barriers, bollards and access control in city centres are some of the Bft products designed for the Urban Access Automation sector. Thanks to the expertise acquired over the years, our technicians can understand your needs and propose a custom offer, with particular attention to limiting costs. Bft dedicated Urban Traffic Management systems offer latest-generation solutions with high technological content and ensure qualified professional assistance during implementation and maintenance of the system.

Discover the Bft products, solutions and services designed for the Urban Access Automation sector.


Professionalism and excellence go beyond the product and are also measured in the services offered to customers.


Thanks to the expertise acquired over the years, our technicians are able to understand your installation needs and propose the best custom offer, with an eye to limiting costs.


Once your needs are understood, a team of experts will create your system, wiring it and testing it before startup, so there are no surprises during installation.


Our specialised technicians will install your system, following all the regulations in force in your country. Startup of the system also includes a training session onsite for system maintenancemen.


4.1 module 1: Priority telephone assistance

With this package the customer is entitled to priority telephone support. A Bft specialised technician will contact you after your request for assistance. Our experience teaches us that the majority of assistance requests are resolved over the phone or with web assistance.


4.2 module 2: module 1 + Priority web assistance

Through our web management system, our technicians will connect to your system to solve the problem.Our experience teaches us that the majority of assistance requests are resolved over the phone or with web assistance.


4.3 module 3: module 2 + Priority intervention onsite

When priority phone assistance and via the web cannot solve the problem, package 3 gives the right to a number of priority interventions onsite: a group of specialised technicians will intervene on the system to solve the problem.


4.4 Training onsite and in the classroom

Bft organises courses online and in the classroom for optimum management of the parking system; the courses are customised according to your needs and held by technical personnel who will illustrate the methods of operation and maintenance of the system.


4.5 Safety kit

When the system is being designed, Bft technicians identify the most critical replacement parts for your system in the specific installation. With these original parts available, you will not have any system stoppage problem, thereby ensuring the continuity of your investment.


4.6 Automatic help desk

This car park management software package automatically sends a defined number of alerts to the Bft help desk. In this way, even if the car park is not manned, the request for assistance will automatically reach the Bft technicians.


4.7 Preventive maintenance

With periodical preventive checks carried out onsite by Bft specialised technicians, you can prevent possible malfunctioning of the system. You decide the number and frequency of checks, and we handle the rest.


4.8 Software upgrades

The management software is a dynamic product, therefore Bft provides periodical software upgrades that our technical department will apply via web connection.


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