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Range of professional 230 Vac electro-mechanical barriers for frequent use, designed to work under a great variety of conditions including large car parks, motorway toll gates with frequent reversing, industrial installations. Mechanical movement with crank to make the bar operate smoothly and harmoniously, also managing slowdowns in opening and closing.

230 V electromechanical barrier for controlling from 1.7 to 3 m gates. Opening time 1.7 s with deceleration. Maximum barrier length: 3 m. Suitable for installation in areas with high frequency of movement and reversals of direction (e.g. car parks with high traffic flows, etc.). Colour RAL 7015.

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Range of barriers for intensive and very intensive use, able to manage useful passages up to 6m. Available in 24V versions, they have a wide range of accessories making them ideal in any context.

Barrier with 24 V motor power supply for clear opening up to 3 m and opening time 2.5 s. Impact resistance by means of encoder. Grey RAL 7015

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The Espas 20-T desktop validator is an all in one device for stand alone systems that performs all the functions of an attended station without wiring and without the use of a PC. This device allow to program linear fare depending on parking time It allows also to print special ticket, subscription ticket and income report

ESPAS 20-T table-top validator, with 230 Vac/50Hz power supply, for stand-alone systems.

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Accessori Controllo Accessi Veicolare
Cod. D110945