Bft products


Range of professional 230 Vac electro-mechanical barriers for frequent use, designed to work under a great variety of conditions including large car parks, motorway toll gates with frequent reversing, industrial installations. Mechanical movement with crank to make the bar operate smoothly and harmoniously, also managing slowdowns in opening and closing.

Boom and Balancing Accessories

OMEGA AT Cod. P120043 Single clamping of hand guard and screws for bar ATM.

PCA ATM 3 Cod. P120053 00001 Rubber protection (red) for fitting on bar L = 3 m max.

Metal mass detectors

RME 2 Cod. P111001 00003 230 V dual channel metal object detector with installation base.

SPIRA 2X1 Cod. D110926 00001 Magnetic loop 2 x 1 m.