The new Bft app that allows you to manage home automation in an easy and intuitive way

U-Control is the new Bft application which allows you to control one or more u link compatible automation systems equipped with the B-Eba Wi-Fi expansion card.

Via an Internet connection, you can open/close/stop the automation directly from their smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS), reading the status (open/closed) in real time, wherever you are.

To open the gate, you will no longer need to carry a remote control with you, simply use your smartphone, which is always close to hand!

Wherever you are, it will therefore be possible to control the gate, for example letting the gardener in to look after the lawn while you’re on holiday.

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With the GPS function, you can automatically open the automations whenever you approach, by setting the desired proximity distance on your smartphone. This function is extremely useful, as it means that you will find the gate already open when you arrive, without having to wait for it to open. Motorcyclists in particular will love this, above all when it's raining!

By setting the scenarios, you can also open or close all the automations in the home at a simple click. When you leave home, for example, you can close all the entrances, including non-Bft products, via a connection to the Clonix card the B-Eba Wi-Fi is installed on.

Special attention has also been paid to easily sharing the functions with other users. Once you have installed and configured the application and the B-Eba Wi-Fi, you can authorise other users to control the automations, simply by sharing a unequivocal, self-installing link with them. The operation is completed in just a few clicks, without having to configure any new technical parameters! Where required, the Administrator can instantly revoke the access authorisations granted to “guest” users with a simple click.

Cyber security is guaranteed by an authentication server on the Cloud protecting all B-Eba Wi-Fi cards, making them invisible and inviolable from the Internet.

For correct operation, the B-Eba Wi-Fi card must be covered by the home Wi-Fi network with access to the Internet. Where required, a range extender, widely available on the market, can be used.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I recover the password that I forgot?

The app’s login screen has the link for password recovery

How can I see the email address that was used to create the U-control account?

The mail address is on the profile screen

What must I do if I change my modem?

You must delete the automation associated with the old modem and re-pair it with the new Wi-Fi network. In this way:
1. click on the automation you want to re-pair
2. click on "ADMIN"
4. reset the B-Eba card by holding down the button (located on the B-Eba card) for 10 seconds
5. Proceed with the association to the Wi-Fi network of the new router

What must I do if I change my smartphone?

1. Reset the B-Eba card by holding down the button (located on the B-Eba card) for 10 seconds
2. Download the app to the new smartphone and log in with your data
3. From the new smartphone eliminate the automation (click on "ADMIN", "ADVANCED SETTINGS", "DELETE”)
4. Proceed again with the B-Eba Wi-Fi association just deleted from the Wi-Fi network

What must I do if my smartphone gets stolen?

1. Reset the B-Eba card by holding down the button (located on the B-Eba card) for 10 seconds
2. Enter the U-control app on the new smartphone by logging in with the same credentials used in the previous smartphone
3. Eliminate the automation (click on "ADMIN", "ADVANCED SETTINGS", "DELETE”)
4. Disconnect from the app (click on "PROFILE", "LOGOUT")
5. Register in the U-control app with a new username and password and proceed with the association of the B-Eba Wi-Fi to the Wi-Fi network

Using the widget, the automation does not respond and I have no feedback on movement of the gate

Check your smartphone settings, this situation may be due to the battery's ENERGY SAVING function

Is it possible to delete the U-control App notifications?

Push notifications can be deleted in the dedicated section of your smartphone: access the app from the "application management" section of your smartphone and change the "notifications" settings

How many users can use an operator with the U-control App?

The device manages up to 6 users per operator (1 administrator user and 5 invited users)


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