App U-Control

Technology's greatest asset is allowing us to save time and energy, and therefore providing us with more time for ourselves. But it is also its ability to simplify and quicken our daily actions.

Drive the car out of the garage, close the gate, lower the blinds when you know you will be away for a while: these are all things we do automatically that now become automatic, in the true sense of the word.

Control home automation even when away from home, know in real time if something is open, blocked or closed in order to intervene and make the necessary changes. This is what enhances our capabilities and makes us master all the little things we do every day.

App U-Control

Technical information

Thanks to the GPS function it is now possibile to automatically control your home automation whenever your smartphone gets to within the pre-set distance. This function is extremely handy as, for example, your gate automatically opens on arrival meaning no wait at all. Motorcyclists in particular will appreciate this, especially on rainy days! You can manage multiple home automations at the same time, with just one click. For example, when you leave home lock all home automation at the touch of a button, including non-Bft products thanks to the B-Eba Wi-Fi installed on the Clonix card. Attention has been paid to other users, too, and these features can be shared easily; once the application and B-Eba Wi-Fi have been installed and configured, share a unique link and authorise other users to control the home automation. This installs automatically in just a few clicks and no new configuration is required! If necessary, the administrator can always instantly revoke 'guest' permissions with a simple click. In order to operate correctly the B-Eba Wi-Fi card must be connected to the home Wi-Fi network with Internet access. Range extenders can be used if necessary.



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