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Centrale di comando per porte pedonali.

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Control panel for sliding and swing gates, shutters and overhead doors.
Board power supply: 230V single-phase.
Operator power supply: 230 V single-phase, max. 500 W.
Main functions: pedestrian opening (only by remote control), quick closing, pulse blocking.
Main features: removable terminal blocks, settings controlled by potentiometers, LED-based fault reporting and incorporated dual channel receiver, two safety verified inputs, one of wich dedicated to 8k2 safety edge.

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Control panel with dip switches and potentiometers for one or two 24V operators for swing gates.

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Routing centralisation card for controlling up to two motors or groups of motors in single mode or centralised.

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Control panel with display for one operator, 230V - 750W, with possibility of input enabling for BFT encoder.

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Control panel for one or two swing gate operators.

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Universal control panel for one or two 230V operators.

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Control panel, max 230V, for roller shutters or roll-up doors.

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Universal potentiometer control panel for one 230V single-phase operator.

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Universal control board with display for one or two swing or sliding door operators, 230V - 650+650W.
Main features: removable terminal blocks, programming and diagnostics with display, built-in four-channel receiver, electro lock, electronic torque limiter, electronic deceleration at opening and closing, a separate limit switch inputs for each motor, traffic light management, preheating hydraulic operators , weekly timer, possibility to delete a specific remote control, customization of the 4 radio channels, personalization of the duration of the delayed output, adjustable sensitivity to the obstacle.

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Control panel with dip switches and potentiometers for one or two 230V operators for swing gates and industrial folding doors.

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Dip switch and potentiometer control panel for one or two 230 V/300 W operators for swing gates, with management of sensitive edges and security entry verification option.

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Control panel for one or two overhead garage door operators.

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Bft control panels have a unique configuration which simplifies installation. The control panels are able to operate 24V or 230V automation systems and have remote communication capability with the U-Link platform.

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