Automatic gate opener app

Automatic gate opener app

An innovative application for access automation management with just a tap on your mobile phone or smartphone (Android and iOS operating system). Operation is in manual mode requiring confirmation by the user before opening, and in automatic mode allowing opening only by approaching the gate. Maximum flexibility and modularity over time: Blue Entry lets you control and nominate up to 4 different accesses, assigning the most convenient manual/automatic opening mode for each. Maximum control and protection of accesses, thanks to the high data encryption guaranteed by the Bluetooth standard and by passwords for accessing the Bluetooth expansion card installed in the Bft control unit. With the special “POWER SAVING FUNCT. (Android) and BLUETOOTH LOW ENERGY (iOS)”, Blue Entry allows you to optimise and extend the battery life of the device and ensure efficient operation over time.

Main features

Operation is easy and intuitive, thanks to automatic gate detection by the smartphone and the guided GUI.

The automatic gate opening function means trying to find your keys or remote is a thing of the past, and opening the gate is no longer a problem when you have your hands full with the shopping, for example, or while riding a motorcycle.

The system uses the Bluetooth technology, the communications standard for mobile devices, which ensures secure access and cost free operation.

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