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Share Your Idea - week 7

And the winner is ...?

Dear Colleagues,

As provided for in the guidelines, once a week
, the person who had the idea that got the most votes during the last week is proclaimed the winner.

Well, this is it!

We are pleased to inform you that this week the winner is Sandrine Mouvand, Marketing Manager of Bft France, congratulations!

Here is his idea:
"In order to respect the gestures of barriers and in particular, avoid touching the door handles we decided to promote the SW operator using an emailing campaign for all customers. The main idea is not te afraid people but just to to help them by automating all their doors thanks to our motorization. The main argument is do not touch the doors automate them with the operator sw."

Thanks for your creativity and imagination, ideas like these are the bricks that will allow us to make our foundations even more solid and you are an integral part of them.

We remind you that from now you can restart to squeeze your brains and send your ideas and moreover, you can see and vote all those that arrived during the last week.

The next winner could be you, good luck!

Share Your idea

Suggest your ideas by clicking on the link below, all Bft colleagues will then be able to see them the following week and vote for them using the dedicated form on the side.

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Vote ideas

From this section you can see all the ideas received and vote for your favorites by clicking on the link below.

Vote ideas

Take a look at the complete regulations by clicking on the link below "REGULATIONS".

We are counting on you!


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