Each of our original products hides an entire world. The world of Bft.

There is more to what we create in our products than just circuits, screws and wires. Look beyond their appearance and you will discover the designer's vision and the manufacturer's skills. Look carefully beneath the shell, you will see the workmanship of those who make them every day.


Our standards provide an immediately recognisable level of quality for genuine Bft products. Counterfeit products often have a poorly thought-out design and an especially low price, they are the first warning signs of a fake BFT product which may compromise the security and operation of the whole system.

Report a suspicious product or e-partner

A Bft solution is authentic only when all the parts are genuine.

Purchasing a fake Bft product could be dangerous as it may not protect customers from any issues that may occur in its daily use. At the same time, it stops them receiving the specialised assistance of our partners in the territory.

Only original products are covered by the replacement guarantee or Bft certified assistance.

Report a suspicious product or e-partner

Trust in our partners is the best solution to fight fake products.

Bft's widespread international presence allows us to quickly respond to reports from our customers and dealers to counteract the distribution of fake products.

Becoming an certified e-partner means signing up to BFT's objectives and complying with the security requirements. Falsely claiming to be an e-partner does not just involve false claims, it also violates the values for which BFT stands.

Report any unauthorised resellers to us using the form below. All reports are anonymous and any information will be treated in the strictest confidence. Providing this information helps us to combat the circulation of fake BFT products and maintain the quality level which is our hallmark.

Report a suspicious product or e-partner

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