Our Mission

Join our team: BE AHEAD!

Advanced solutions, with unique and exclusive features. But also simple, accessible, and close to people. New-generation technologies designed to improve the lives of all: installers and those who use them. This is us today: a company focused on the needs of the present, with an eye to the future.

A professional and understanding company, able to take its partners by the arm and, thanks to a full access specialist approach, make them proceed at a dynamic pace, allowing them to always be in the forefront.

A company where the technical component is supported by the power of passion, and where engineering expertise is completed by the brilliance of lively inventiveness. Because we like to listen to you, understand you, address your needs and offer new opportunities; always giving you the best, with increasingly sophisticated tools designed to enhance performance. A fast and smart technology, always accelerating: to advance at the pace of innovation and, together with you, always be a step ahead.

A full access specialist approach that offers important professional tools for installers and greater control for consumers.

In step with the times, close to people: our cutting-edge technology has a human beating heart. 

Only in this way can the most advanced performances stand side by side with simplicity, offering an irreplaceable wealth: personal empowerment.

Thanks to U-Link, our advanced inter-connectivity system that associates all products without the need for different protocols, we offer new power: this makes the work of the installer, always our first point of reference, easier, whilst maintaining constantly high levels of professionalism; the end user becomes the leading player in his own life, with total control of his automations that make him more independent and autonomous.

Where there is an access to be automated, Bft has a secure, innovative solution suited to every need; intelligent products for quick and immediate management, with an approach - the Full Access Specialist approach - that brings great added value.