Product code P970065 00002

The ESPAS 30-P CC automatic pay station, power supply 230 Vac/ 50Hz, equipped with a credit card reader, is designed to provide professional wired parking systems with a device that allows for maximum functionality and performance for the automatic payment of the tariff and to renew subscriptions. The device must be connected to the server via an Ethernet network.

  • Alphanumeric LCD display for service information, voice-synthesised user help messages, tamperproof illuminated buttons for perfect legibility in all conditions. Automatic paypoint with colour TFT display GUI, credit/cash card reader with pin entry pad, voice-synthesised interphone with configurable 4-language functionality, coin and banknote pay slots with change function (banknote change option configurable for one denomination).

  • Management software with easy and intuitive access to event management, configuration and accounting data. Thanks to its Web Application structure, the use with PCs with different operating systems (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux) and with versions for mobile devices (iPhone and iPad) is guaranteed. The user can remotely view the system trend at any time.

  • Modular system and expandable over time with a range of complementary products and solutions, to meet different needs and requirements: systems for internal and external guidance, addressing and plate reading, place availability signage, passive UHF tag reading, etc.

Wired parking management systems with LCD display and speech synthesis

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technical design ESPAS 30
U-Link no

ESPAS ANTENNA UHF Cod. D113757Integrated antenna for B PTA tag reading.Integrated antenna for B PTA tag reading.

Racks Cod. A2

BCBonus OnLine validator Cod. P800086

TUVA TAG Cod. 145029

TUVA Antenna Cod. 135712


ESPAS 30-I Cod. P970063 00001The ESPAS 30-I station, power supply 230 Vac/ 50Hz, equipped with an RFID reader (or alternatively a MIFARE reader) for the access of...
The ESPAS 30-I station, power supply 230 Vac/ 50Hz, equipped with an RFID reader (or alternatively a MIFARE reader) for the access of subscribers or operators, combined with an electromechanical barrier and with a pair of loop detectors, is a device used to control a parking area entrance. It is designed for wired systems, so it must be connected to the other elements of the system via the RS485 network, or alternatively in LAN, using a Moxa 485/Lan converter. It can be combined with an ANPR camera or a UHF antenna.

SIGN WITH TRAFFIC LIGHT ENG Cod. D113708Capacity system for stan alone installation.Capacity system for stan alone installation.


TRAFFIC LIGHT Cod. D121458Traffic lights with two red/green lights.Traffic lights with two red/green lights.

SIGN WITH TRAFFIC LIGHT ITA Cod. P111395Traffic light pannel.Traffic light pannel.

B PA A 205 R2 Cod. P800071 00002Personalised BFT ticket box 4000pcs.Personalised BFT ticket box 4000pcs.

BOX TICKET 4000 PCS BFT Cod. P800071 00001BFT ticket box 4000pcs.BFT ticket box 4000pcs.

Fixing plate Cod. D734227Foundation base for ESPAS 20 and ESPAS 30.Foundation base for ESPAS 20 and ESPAS 30.

ESPAS TAG UHF FIXED Cod. P800072 00002Fixed tag for B PTA system.Fixed tag for B PTA system.

Magnetic loop detector Cod. D110945Pre-wired magnetic pre-cabled coil 6 m in length.Pre-wired magnetic pre-cabled coil 6 m in length.

RME 2 Cod. P111001 00003230 V dual channel metal object detector with installation base.230 V dual channel metal object detector with installation base.

ESPAS TAG UHF Cod. P800072 00001Tag for B PTA system.Tag for B PTA system.

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Parking Systems reference book
Parking Systems reference book

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