Bft products


Universal control panel for one or two 230V operators.


Anti-terrorist hydraulic bollard with incorporated hydraulic control unit. Suitable for protecting sensitive sites, thanks to the special “SD” version, which keeps the shaft raised in case of a power failure and with public installations where, in the standard version, the shaft lowers automatically with no power.

Expansion boards

B EBA TCP/IP GATEWAY Cod. D113805 00002 Gateway expansion card to connect automation systems in TCP/IP networks via U-Link slot. It manages up to 120 U-Link devices connected via B EBA RS-485 Link.

B EBA RS 485 LINK Cod. P111468 Expansion board for connection of central units with serial controls management.

Metal mass detectors

RME 2 Cod. P111001 00003 230 V dual channel metal object detector with installation base.

SPIRA 2X1 Cod. D110926 00001 Magnetic loop 2 x 1 m.