Product code P915194 00002 International code 2600292

24 V operator for sectional garage doors with tractive force 60 kg and intensive use. Max door surface area 10 m². Opening speed 5 m/min.

Main features
  • Built-in control unit with automatic learning of opening and closing force.

  • High-strength galvanised steel rail with ducts to facilitate the routing of the cables.

  • Encoder and exclusive D-Track force management system for safe installations in all conditions.


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technical design
Control unit VENERE
Nominal voltage 24 V
Power consumption 150 W
Max. door/gate weight 60 kg
Door surface area 10 m²
Type of limit switch Encoder + mechanical stop for opening
Gate panel speed 5 m/min
Slowdown Yes
Locking Mechanical
Release Steel cord or cable
Impact reaction D-Track
Frequency of use intensive
Protection rating IPX0
Environmental conditions -15 ÷ 60 °C
Interconnectivity no

External manual release for overhead garage door (1 operator)


External release for insulated sectional and overhead doors of thickness up to 50 mm.

Garage doors
Operator for garage doors

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