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Hydraulic motors for swing gates

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Hydraulic motors for swing gates

Extremely sturdy and reliable hydraulic operators for industrial and condominium use. They can automate swing gate leaves up to 7m wide and weighing up to 500kg. Smooth, silent gate movements are guaranteed by the extremely high-performance hydraulic system and the closing slowdown. Maximum precision in traction and thrust force control is guaranteed by the by-pass valve system.

Hydraulic motors for swing gates

Main features

The rear articulated brackets and jointed rod make installation simple and reliable in all situations.

The brass release knob, protected with a personal key, facilitates the manual opening of the gate in the event of a power cut.

The closing slowdown guarantees silent, smooth movements on even the biggest gates. Also, the adjustment screw makes it possible to adapt the slowdown intensity to needs of each situation.

Products list

    Reversible hydraulic operator for swing gates up to 7 m. 500 kg in weight. Cycle time 42+slowdown s. Useful travel 390 mm. max angle 123 °.



    Triangular release key l=52 mm

    COMPACTA A20-180

    Pair of photocells adjustable 180° horizontally. 20 metre range. 12-33 VAC/15-35 VDC power supply.

    D114093 00002

    Flashing light with incorporated antenna for motors with 230 V power supply.