LUNA AC B 230V 50/60HZ

Product code D114183 00002 International code 2612342

Control board for 230V and 1200W operator for rolling shutters. Main characteristics: Dedicated output for the blinker, availability of open, start, photocell and safety edge (tested) inputs, antenna and receiver integrated Logic and regulations: adjustable working time, option of selecting the kind of safety edge (N.C. contact/8K2 resistance) selectable, wireless memorizing of transmitters CLONE and REPLAY, operation in line with 2 or 4 step logic, exclusion of photocell active when opening, hold to run mode available.

Technical data sheets

technical design
Blinker 0
Tested safety edge 1
Maximum output 1200 W
Power supply accessories 24V - 0,07A
Stop 1
Board power supply 220-230 V
Light sensor 1
Start 1
Interconnectivity no
Max. n. transmitters 63
Safety edge 1
Open 1
Programming DIP+TRIMMER
Resistive edge 1
Close 1

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