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July 2020

Bft redesigns home page.

Visiting the home page of the Bft website is a better experience than before with a new more intuitive layout.

Now there is a completely new design to help explore the world of Bft. The search function has been fine tuned so that the best solutions and tools are just a click away. The area dedicated to the product categories adapts dynamically to your interests offering you a personalized surfing experience.

The new home page will guide you quickly to our videos and a dedicated reporting area invites you to support us in our fight against counterfeit products.

All this and much more is available for you at the click of a button!

Click here

RADIUS LED, energy-efficient flashing light.

Radius LED is Bft’s new energy-efficient flashing light for automatic gates. Its LED technology consumes approximately 80% less energy than traditional filament models, lengthening the product life.

Radius LED is extremely flexible: it can be installed on flat surfaces, on pillars, columns or walls, using the accessories provided. It is compatible with the existing Radius products so replacing the lights of previous models is simple.

The new Radius LED is available in 24V and 230V, with or without an integrated aerial. The models with an integrated aerial do not have the RG58 cable. In addition to the classic version with the yellow cap, Bft is now offering a RADIUS LED 24V in a smoked grey colour version designed for more stylish and exclusive sites.

Discover Radius Led

Compare Bft product specifications directly on the website.

To help our installers find the automation system that best meets their needs we have added a special function that filters parameters to compare Bft products directly on the website.

Select the product family you are interested in, add the business and technician filters, then choose up to 3 products to compare. You can add the maximum weight of the gate, length, motor and other technical specifications to see the product fact sheets with all the product details.

Watch the tutorial

Automate pedestrian and vehicular swing gates with E5 BT A.

E5 BT A is the 24V electromechanical operator for swing gates for pedestrian and vehicular use. E5 BT A is extremely compact and versatile: it can be installed even where there is very little space for manoeuvre and its articulated arm can open the leaf up to an angle of 130°. It can be installed easily even by one person working alone.

Installing E5 BT A is made even simpler by Thalia and Thalia P, the control panels which have a digital display. These units are fitted with terminal blocks which are colour-coded and have a standardized numbering system.

E5 BT A is available in two versions:

-E5 BT A 12, for pedestrian gates up to 1.2 m in length, and 80 kg in weight;

-E5 BT A 18, for vehicular gates up to 1.8 m in length, and 100 kg in weight.

To discover all the specifications and advantages of this operator, watch the video on the Bft YouTube channel.

Watch the video

The transparent face mask that helps you control your breathing.

A team of Italian and Spanish designers, collaborating with the University of Siena has designed a face mask with a totally transparent frontal section. It incorporates an anti-fogging system so that people with hearing difficulties can read the lips of people talking to them. It can be sanitized with a UV lamp.

With the addition of a software developed by Boston’s MIT, the face mask is able to monitor the quality of the air and your breathing through an app. Another step towards safer living!

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