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The ESPAS 30-P POF machine allows payments by reading ticket and subscribers card; hence granting autonomously running ofthe Parking System without need of an operator The unit works in a wired network

as a component between the other elements of the system. The user interface together with LED guidance and voice messaging grand a user friendly experience The unit is equipped with devices for coins and notes payments

Basic components

6.5" high-resolution graphic colour display.
Payment procedures assisted by led guides, multilanguage voice messages and dedicated screens.
Ticket reader scanner.
Coins reader with changegiver ( up to six seizes )
Two high capacity hoppers with auto refill
Notes reader with changegiver ( up to two seizes )
Removable banknote and coin collection boxes with safety keys.
Alarms management with notification to the parking server.
Proximity card reader for operators and subscriptions.
Fanfold ticket thermal printer for issuing lost ticket, printing receipt and
Receipt request and lost ticket button.
Change languages button.
Intercom with call button (option).
Automatic refund of missing change by scanning the receipt ticket at
the automatic pay station.
Cooling fan and heating element with adjustable thresholds.
Door opening sensor.
Opposed bar closure and security locks with burglar-proof technology.
TCP/IP connection.
Payment devices modularity.

Optional components

Proximity MIFARE card reader for operators and subscriptions.
Bus or IP intercom.
Motorized ticket reader module, which prints payment information on ticket.
Credit card reader and contactless devices.
Customizable cabinet colour.

CodeTitleScannerSecond barcode discount reading.TFT Color displayCoin acceptorMotorized ticket reader.Hopper for coinsBus intercomBanknote acceptorIP intercomBancknote recyclerCredit cardCredit card - Micropayments
P21DE300EU091 ESPAS 30-P CC-DEU CIT-BUS EUR phase-out
P214E301EU391 ESPAS 30-P SCC-ITA phase-out
P2D4E301EU391 ESPAS 30-P SCC-DEU phase-out
P214E300EU391 ESPAS 30-P SCC-ITA CIT-BUS phase-out
P2D4E300EU391 ESPAS 30-P SCC-DEU CIT-BUS phase-out
Supply voltage230 VAC ±10%. 50Hz-60Hz
Max power consumption350 W
Idle power consumption150 W
Operating temperature0 ÷ 50 °C
Sizes1657 x 670 x 435 inch
Gross weight100 kg
Standard communication interfaceTCP/IP
Standard colorRAL7015
MaterialPowder coated galvanized steel body.
technical design ESPAS 30-P

Heater unit 60W for internal station/POF installation on DIN bar

Car park management systems

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