DEIMOS AC A600 120 V

Product code P925230 00004

Operator 120 V for sliding gates up to 370 kg in weight. Leaf speed 11 m/min.

Main features
  • Release lever with personalised key: the release lever simplifies motor release and the personalized key ensures its uniqueness, for better safety

  • Front screws: this arrangement of the casing screws offers ease and convenience during installation and maintenance, even when there is limited space.


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The new coding system for direct cloning of remote controls Based on microprocessor technology, this system allows the cloning of any MITTO remote control in a MITTO REPLAY remote control. In fact, the first remote control "teaches" the second one the correct code which is automatically saved in the receiver the first time it is used. Everything occurs at the highest levels of security thanks to the use of the Rolling Code safe transmission system.

technical design
Control unit SHYRA AC
Board power supply 230 V
Supply voltage 120 V
Power consumption 400 W
Max. door/gate weight 370 kg
Gate panel speed 11 m/min
Type of limit switch Electromechanical
Pinion module 4
Slowdown no
Locking Mechanical
Release Lever-operated with personal key
Impact reaction Mechanical clutch
Frequency of use Semi intensive
Protection rating IP24
Environmental conditions -20 ÷ 55 °C
Interconnectivity no
Cod. D221073

plastic rack, 4-module, cross-section 22 x 22 mm, length 1 m, screw-fitted into slots attachment Max. load capacity 600 kg.

Cod. N999151

Base plate for DEIMOS series (supplied with operator)

Cod. N999320

steel rack, 4-module, cross-section 30 x 8 mm, length 1 m, screw-fitted on supports attachment Max. load capacity 800 kg.

Cod. D114093 00002

Flashing light with incorporated antenna for motors with 230 V power supply.

Cod. D114094 00002

Flashing light without incorporated antenna for motors with 230 V power supply.

Cod. P111782

Pair of photocells adjustable 180° horizontally. 20 metre range. 12-33 VAC/15-35 VDC power supply.

Cod. D571053

steel rack, 4-module, cross-section 30 x 12 mm, length 1 m, screw-fitted on supports attachment Max. load capacity 1000 kg.

Sliding Gates
Sliding gates automation systems

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