The remote control for garage operators? A smartphone.

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Just 13 cm thick, the TIZIANO is one of the most compact operators on the market and can be installed in any architectural context. Grazie alla ricevente radio incorporata alla centrale di comando, il TIZIANO può memorizzare il codice di ben 10 telecomandi serie MITTO o KLEIO o/e sistemi di comando wireless come ad esempio MIMEPAD o T-BOX.

Operator for sectional garage doors with tractive force 60 kg and Semi intensive use. Door surface area 10 m². Opening speed 6.6 m/min.

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Hydraulic operator for very intensive use for overhead garage doors. Designed for the toughest conditions of use, it combines strength and the typical reliability of hydraulic operators.

Hydraulic operator for overhead garage doors of maximum surface area 9 m² and very intensive use.

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External radio receiver in panel, 433 MHz, rolling code. Depending on the model, it can control 1 or 2 outputs via relays. The Ultra versions have one or more slots for B-EBA expansion cards for multi-protocol communication.

433 MHz external receiver via 3 outputs: 2 with NO contact and one with configurable NO/NC contact. Compatible with U-LINK protocol (features 3 connection ports). 230 V power supply, can store up to 2,048 remote controls

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Electromechanical operator for residential use for the automation of overhead garage doors. The built-in control unit manages the second operator for installation on large-size doors or doors with integrated pedestrian doors. The microprocessor technology also manages the torque of the motors with maximum precision and in total safety.

Electromechanical operator with built-in control panel for overhead garage doors of maximum surface area 7 m² and Semi intensive use with slowdown. Cycle time 17-20 s, IP20

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Electromechanical operators for intensive/very intensive use, designed for the automation of sectional garage doors. Suitable for installation in any context, thanks to the wide choice of chain rails available in the various lengths. The control unit and limit switch with encoder with mechanical stop are incorporated in the operator and rail respectively.

24 V operator for sectional garage doors with tractive force 80 kg and intensive use. Max door surface area 13 m². Opening speed 5 m/min.

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24 V operator for sectional garage doors with tractive force 120 kg and very intensive use. Max door surface area 16 m². Opening speed 4.5 m/min.

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