WIND RMB 130B 200-230

Product code P910041 00002
Electric motors for rolling shutters

Operator for roller shutters with spring shaft pulley diameter 200 mm. Maximum torque 130 Nm and power consumption of 400 W. Reversible.

Electric motors for rolling shutters

Main features

Simple and intuitive adjustment of limit switches

Adapters for 42 or 48 (RMB) or 76mm (RMC) shafts included in the pack



For fast and safe programming. EELINK is a system developed by BFT which, by means of connection to handheld programmers (Unipro, Uniradio and Proxima), makes it possible to transfer data from automatic systems to PCs and vice versa. Thus EEdbase or U-base, the databases of the information stored in the installed systems, are constantly updated. Thanks to this software it possible to associate the necessary personal details with each system: owner's address and details, name of maintenance technician, names of every remote control holder, etc. With EElink, just press a few buttons to easily manage the customer base or preventive maintenance. Even operations that were once complex become easier: for example, reconfiguring the control unit or the radio receiver in case of replacement or the setup of a control panel, starting from a standard or custom configuration.

Technical data sheets

technical design
Control unit LUNA AC B
Power consumption 400 W
Spring holder diameter 200 mm
Maximum torque 130 Nm
Rotation speed 10 Rpm
Type of end switch Electromechanical
Locking no
Impact reaction no
Protection rating IP20
Environmental conditions -10 ÷ 40 °C
Interconnectivity no
Power supply 230 V
Shaft diameter 60 mm

Control panels

  • Recommended

ELBA control panel

  • Recommended

Control panel, max 230V, for roller shutters or roll-up doors

  • Compatible

Universal control panel with potentiometers for one 230V/500W single-phase operator

Recommend accessories


Control unit for wired centralisation. For 2 operators (or 2 groups of operators) Application: wire centralisation board for 1 or 2 tubular motors Card power supply: 230 V single-phase Operator power supply: 230V 600W max. each operator Main characteristics: simplified and compact wire centralisation system Functions: control of 1 or 2 motors (or motor units) in single or simultaneous mode, general up/down, motor 1 or unit 1 up/down, motor 2 or unit 2 up/down

Control unit for wired centralisation. For 2 operators (or 2 groups of operators) Application: wire centralisation board for 1 or 2 tubular...


Pair of photocells adjustable 180° horizontally. 20 metre range. 12-33 VAC/15-35 VDC power supply.




Wall cabinet for release with steel cable and electric control; cable not included


Electric brake for Wind Rmc and Rmb 230V

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