Bft products


Ricevente radio esterna in quadro, 433 MHz, rolling code. In base al modello può comandare 1 o 2 uscite tramite relè. Le versioni Ultra dispongono di un o più slot per accogliere le schede di espansione B EBA per la comunicazione multi protocollo.


24V electromechanical operator for sectional garage doors installable in residential, industrial and commercial environments.
The sturdy mechanical structure and microprocessor technology of the control unit allow intensive use of the operator, while ensuring maximum reliability over time.
Also, the D-Track torque control system and absolute encoder ensure extremely precise control of leaf movement and obstacle detection.

Expansion boards

B EBA RS 485 GATEWAY Cod. P111530 GATEWAY expansion card for management of RS 485 connection.

B EBA RS 485 LINK Cod. P111468 Expansion board for connection of central units with serial controls management.

Metal mass detectors

SPIRA 2X1 Cod. D110926 00001 Magnetic loop 2 x 1 m.

RME 2 Cod. P111001 00003 230 V dual channel metal object detector with installation base.