EBP AC A 120V 50/60Hz

Product code P123032 00002 International code 2613517

120V vertical electric lock.

Main features

Higher protection for the installation: the electric lock makes it possible to create installations that better withstand the forces applied to the leaves in swinging gates, especially large ones, such as pushes from people or forces generated by the action of the wind. These forces are transferred to the electromechanical lock instead of the gear motor, providing a longer life and better operation over time

Offer completion for reversible operators: the electric lock is an essential accessory for installations involving the use of reversible operators, in order to provide locking for the gate when closing

Range extension: the new EBP A model in 24V, which is directly connected to the control unit, allows safe low-voltage swing gate installations to be completed easily and quickly

Range optimisation: there will no longer be any specific electric lock models (EBPE) with an external (road side) key block. In all models of the new EBP A it is possible at any time to add the external key block, which is available in two sizes of 52 or 75 mm. The accessory also includes the inside key block, which has the same key as the outside key block, and which should be replaced with the one on the electric lock by the installer

Outward opening: the EBP A electric lock can be installed either on swing gates that open inwards or on gates that open outwards (the plate with the ground hole must be installed in the correct direction)

Simplicity of a single key for the entire system: it is possible to request the new EBP A with a specific internal key block, or request accessories with internal and external blocks with a specific key number, so that the same key can be used to unlock the operator, operate the selector switch and release the electric lock

Design: the look of the product has been updated - in line with Bft's modern style - allowing it to be perfectly integrated into the installation environment

Technical data sheets

technical design
Power supply 120V 50/60 Hz
Inrush current 1.2 A
Holding current for the retracted bolt 400 mA
Thermal protection Yes
Operating temperature -20 ÷ 55 °C
IP Rating IP44
Interconnectivity no

Commercial documents

Vertical drop-down electric lock, for automated swinging gates

Recommend accessories


Key cylinder for external release for gates of max. thickness 50 mm. Also includes internal key cylinder with same key number.


Key cylinder for external release for gates of max. thickness 75 mm. Also includes internal key cylinder with same key number.

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