Motors for sectional garage doors for intensive use

Motors for sectional garage doors for intensive use

24V electromechanical operator for sectional garage doors installable in residential, industrial and commercial environments. The sturdy mechanical structure and microprocessor technology of the control unit make it possible to use the operator intensively whilst ensuring maximum reliability over time. In addition, the D-Track torque control system and absolute encoder offer extremely precise control of leaf movement and detection of obstacles. Exclusive quick programming function of the limit switches from the ground, via remote control.

Main features

Limit switch based on absolute encoder technology, guaranteeing maximum reliability and stopping precision.

Exclusive encoder position reset knob for fast, safe installation.

Onboard control unit with programming display and D-Track management system and torque, speed and position control. Built-in dual-channel radio receiver. U-Link. Exclusive quick programming function for limit switch from the ground via remote control.

Products list

Recommended accessories.


Wall cabinet for release with steel cable and electric control; cable not included


Industrial presence sensor installable up to 7 m.

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