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Parking and traffic bollards

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Antiterrorism bollards tested and certified (crash-tested) by an independent body according to standards IWA14-1:2013 V/7200[N3C]/80/90 and PAS 68:2010 7500/50/N2 crash simulated (formerly K12 and K4, single bollard). Independent side hydraulic pump for each bollard: in case of a control unit failure the other bollards remain functional, whereas maintenance operations are facilitated.

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Anti-terrorist hydraulic bollard with incorporated hydraulic control unit. Suitable for protecting sensitive sites, thanks to the special “SD” version, which keeps the shaft raised in case of a power failure and with public installations where, in the standard version, the shaft lowers automatically with no power.

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Fixed bollards used for preventing access for long periods. Bolted to the ground, their purpose is to block an access point or a road. They can integrate the use of automatic or semi-automatic bollards.

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Complete range of automatic electromechanical retractable bollards for the protection and safety of all areas that require controlled access. Rod height 500 and 700mm. Ideal for contexts of particular architectural interest, guaranteeing maximum reliability over time and requiring minimal maintenance.

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Anti-terrorist fixed bollard. Suitable for protecting sensitive sites.

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Stoppy B

Complete range of automatic electromechanical retractable bollards for the protection and safety of all areas that require controlled access. Shaft height 500 and 700mm. Ideal for collective use.

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Complete range of semi-automatic bollards operated by gas spring. They allow road access control at convenient prices and extremely easy operation. Also available with s/steel shaft and luminous cap.

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U-Link Control unit Operator type Environmental conditions (min) Environmental conditions (max) Protection rating Voltage Type of limit switch Break-in proof Manual cycle Rod height Rod thickness Raise time Lower time Rod treatment Frequency of use Antiterrorism: reference standard Impact resistance Opening or closing time Rod thickness Slowdown Locking Frequency of use Rod diameter Rod movement Rod locking Rod fixing

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