Remote troubleshooting.

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Remote troubleshooting.

Designed according to the installer's specific needs for easy management and maintenance of the systems, the innovative U-Base software features an immediate and intuitive user interface and can operate on-line, updating data directly on connected systems or off-line operating on the information present in the local database of the computer on which it is installed. <br>For operation, the system requires the installation of a B EBA gateway expansion card connected to the control unit and allows interfacing even wirelessly or remotely with Bft control units (U-Link compatible). <br>The main functions include the possibility of displaying and editing control unit parameters and logics, as well as viewing the list of recorded alarms. Through an immediate graphic interface, also all the functions and parameters of the motors are monitored, displaying the threshold current, absorbed current and the position of the operator in real-time.

Remote troubleshooting.

Ricevente radio esterna in quadro, 433 MHz, rolling code. In base al modello può comandare 1 o 2 uscite tramite relè.Le versioni Ultra dispongono di un o più slot per accogliere le schede di espansione B EBA per la comunicazione multi protocollo.

Remote troubleshooting.

Complete range of remote controls, 433MHz rolling code. Available with 2 or 4 channels. Softtouch finishes.

Remote troubleshooting.

Complete range of remote controls, 433MHz rolling code. Available with 2 or 4 channels.

Expansion boards

B EBA TCP/IP GATEWAY Cod. D113805 00002 Gateway expansion card to connect automation systems in TCP/IP networks via U-Link slot. It manages up to 120 U-Link devices connected via B EBA RS-485 Link.


U-BASE Cod. P111510 Software for bluetooth programming and managing of control unit, receiver and transmitters. USB key included.