Bft products


Parking system for commercial and professional applications, able to operate in wired mode through an RS485 serial network. The interfaces of the entry/exit stations have an LCD display for indicating the operations to be performed, by voice synthesis for audio instructions and an optical module integrated with motion detection function for reading and management of ticket fan folders with type 2D barcode.
Front opening for ease of inspection during installation and subsequent operation by the user.
The steel sheet body is cataphoresis treated and polyester coated.


Range of barriers for intensive and very intensive use, able to manage useful passages up to 6m.
Available in 24V versions, they have a wide range of accessories making them ideal in any context.


Range of professional 230 Vac electro-mechanical barriers for frequent use, designed to work under a great variety of conditions including large car parks, motorway toll gates with frequent reversing, industrial installations. Mechanical movement with crank to make the bar operate smoothly and harmoniously, also managing slowdowns in opening and closing.

ESPAS accessories

Magnetic loop detector Cod. D110945 Pre-wired magnetic pre-cabled coil 6 m in length.

BCBonus OnLine validator Cod. P800086 Bcbonus ONLINE validator with scanner gun.