Anti-Terrorism bollards

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Automatic hydraulic anti-terrorism bollard, tested and certified (crash-tested) by independent body in accordance with standards IWA14-1:2013 and PAS 68 (equivalent to American standards K12 and K4), with independent hydraulic control unit. Suitable for the protection of sensitive sites. Independent side hydraulic pump for each bollard: in case of a control unit failure the other bollards remain functional, whereas maintenance operations are facilitated.


Permanent anti-terrorism bollard tested according to international standards PAS 68:2010 7500/50/N2 crash simulated. Suitable for protection of sensitive sites.


Permanent bollard equivalent to XPASS 330/1200. Suitable for protection of sensitive sites in addition to automatic bollards on large surfaces.


Bft recognizes that the security of public and private urban environments is essential to safeguard people and property. Impact resistance is the first parameter used to assess the entire category of anti-terrorist bollards, since it estimates the maximum energy this type of bollard is able to withstand to stop a vehicle driven into it. Bft anti-terrorist bollards are extremely effective in places with high risk of vehicle attack, since they are able to stop a 7.5 ton vehicle travelling at a speed of 80 km/h. Another important factor is the bollards' ability to fit in unobtrusively with the surroundings.

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