Interconnectivity on hand for non-U-link Bft operators.

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Bft interconnectivity does not only show what the technology can do, but what it can do that is useful: Magistro is an innovative system for the control and management of automatic gates, roller shutters or lights in your home or office. It allows local or remote control via PC or App through a simple and intuitive interface. Easy to install, simple to use, it is based on Z-Wave wireless technology. A Total Control solution perfectly Tuned to you. A system designed for those who install it, and for all those who use it. That's why Bft has created an open system, and therefore easy to integrate. Scalable, and therefore gradually completable with a small expense. Quick to install, and therefore cost effective.

Magistro Brain control system, containing one Beba Z-Wave Gateway

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Pair of Z-Wave wireless modules for controlling non-U-Link automation devices

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