Product code D113796 00002

Control panel with dip switches and potentiometers for one or two 24V operators for swing gates Application: control panel for one or two 24V operators for swing gates Card power supply: 230 V single-phase Operators power supply: 24Vdc 180W max each operator Main functions: automatic re-closing, fast closing, partial opening, deadman feature Compatibility: LIBRA C MA, LIBRA, LIBRA R, LIBRA MA R Main features: removable terminal block with new colour-coding, simplified dip switch programming and built-in two channel receiver, anti-crush system with D-Track technology, slowdown during opening and closing and electronic learning, pedestrian control by remote control only, electronic lock management

technical design
Tested photocell 1
Board power supply 220-230 V
Configurable AUX 1 0
Tested safety edge 1
Maximum output 40+40 W
Interconnectivity no
Stop 1
Start 1
Light sensor 1
Blinker 0
Max. n. transmitters 63
Safety edge 1
Programming DIP+TRIMMER
Open 1
Power supply accessories 24V - 0,2A
Resistive edge 1

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