Product code D113812 00002

Control unit with U-Link, receiver and incorporated heating circuit (to -40°C) for electro-mechanical and hydraulic bollards. Can manage up to 4 bollards at the same time (or up to 2 Xpass 1200) Application: Control panel for operating 1 to 4 automatic bollards, single-phase (in parallel) (or max. 2 XPASS B 330/1200) Board power supply: 230V single phase Output power: 230Vac single-phase, 12A max. Main features: removable terminal blocks, digital programming, 3-digit display, Proxima programmer connector, dual-channel receiver 2048 codes included, heater for operation to -40°C, complete support for anti-terrorism bollards, 11 inputs, 9 outputs. Main features: U-Link interconnectivity, automatic reclosing, separate open and close, pre-flashing, deadman control, automatic or semi-automatic, opening and closing limit switch management, arranged for UPS.

Start Yes
Max. n. transmitters 2048
Open Yes
Interconnectivity Yes
Programming Display
Close Yes
Power supply accessories 24V - 1A
Configurable input Yes
Light sensor Yes
Blinker no
Maximum output 350 W
Stop Yes
Configurable AUX 1 24V - 0,5A
Board power supply 220-230 V

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