Product code P111789

Expansion card used to connect with wireless IO Homecontrol protocol

Main features
  • The motor still receives commands from BFT remote controls. The motor receiver remains active and still stores the standard number of BFT remote controls.

  • It receives commands from Somfy iO two-way and iO one-way remote controls. It can manage an unlimited number of remote controls via the iO two-way protocol and up to 10 iO one-way remote controls.

  • It integrates with the Tahoma User Interface and receives commands from it and displays the position of the gate.

  • It can be paired with the Somfy Tahoma device in just a few simple steps.

technical design
Number of two-way remote controls which can be stored unlimited
Environmental conditions -20 ÷ 50 °C
Operating band 868 ÷ 870 MHz
Interconnectivity Yes
Transmitting power 10 dBm
Reception sensitivity -105 dBm
Number of one-way remote controls which can be stored 10

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