24V reversible electromechanical operator for swing gates for pedestrian and vehicular access, for use in homes and apartment buildings. Its small size means it can be installed on small pillars and columns (minimum width required 8cm). The slide arm option means constraints such as walls and obstacles close to the operator can be overcome. The limit switch function is regulated by the absolute encoder. The safety of the operator is guaranteed thanks to the D-track system which precisely determines the position and force with which the gate moves, using the friction inside the operator and the new articulated and slide arms with anti-shear design.

Main features

U-Link platform: Using the Thalia control unit, the E5 BT A operator is compatible with the U-Link communication protocol, the exclusive Bft connectivity platform.

D-Track dynamic path tracking: smart torque management system that constantly updates the gate torque level, improving the safety of the maneuver regardless of weather conditions, temperature or the degree of wear of the system.

Absolute Encoder: absolute encoder means that the E5 BT A recognises the position of the gate at any time, managing the slow down phase during opening and closing with absolute precision.

Ease of installation: the fixing bracket on the column or pillar provides simpler installation. The Thalia control unit has standardised colour terminal blocks which simplifies the identification of the outputs / inputs. The removable terminal blocks facilitate the wiring process. Extremely easy to set the closing and opening limit switches.

Speed: The E5 BT A12 takes only 4.5 to 6.5 seconds (90 ° manoeuver including slowdown) to open, based on the weight and dimensions of the leaf.

Push&Go: When activated, the Push & Go function allows the gate to open completely when manually pushed.

Multi-resident or commercial sites: The E5 BT A12 is ideal for apartment block installations or public buildings, with features such as remote opening from inside the building and the ability to set the gate to close automatically after opening, preventing it being left open.

  • 24V
  • ER - READY
  • Dynamic Path Tracking
  • A precise, safe and reliable technology Bft 24V technology ensures optimum performance with a precise adjustment of slowdown in closing and opening. Safety is another key aspect, ensuring the immediate stopping and reversal of movement in the presence of obstacles. The efficiency of the technology is a guarantee of the product's reliability.

  • The new coding system for direct cloning of remote controls Based on microprocessor technology, this system allows the cloning of any MITTO remote control in a MITTO REPLAY remote control. In fact, the first remote control "teaches" the second one the correct code which is automatically saved in the receiver the first time it is used. Everything occurs at the highest levels of security thanks to the use of the Rolling Code safe transmission system.

  • The thrust required to operate safely. A smart torque management system based on the microprocessor technology of BFT control units. Acquiring data from several indicators, it updates the level of thrust required to perform the operation. D-Track also facilitates the installer in providing for the certifications required by law. Conventional control units do not "read" the exact position of the gate and consequently apply constant thrust levels, without ensuring stable sensitivity during the opening and closing operations. BFT control devices record the slightest variation in the gate or door force, for example due to differences in temperature or wear, constantly supplying the optimum torque to the motor. A conventional control unit could not detect these thrust variations, which would result in it indicating the presence of non-existent obstacles. The BFT system thus guarantees the maximum safety and perfect functioning of the equipment, no matter what the climactic and temperature conditions and degree of mechanical wear.

Products list
E5 BT A12

Reversible compact pedestrian electromechanical operator of small size that can be installed on pillars or columns only 80mm wide Application for pedestrian gates up to 1.2m wide and up to 80kg in...

E5 BT A18

Reversible compact vehicular electromechanical operator of small size that can be installed on pillars or columns only 80mm wide Application for vehicle gates up to 1.8m wide and up to 100kg in weight...


24 V full kit for swing gates weighing up to 80 kg and up to 1.2 m long. Limit switch control via absolute encoder. Speed of

operation between 4.5 and 6.5 seconds (including slowdown). Operator...


24 V full kit for vehicle gates up to 100 kg in weight and 1.8 m wide. Limit switch control via absolute encoder. 14 second opening time (including slowdown) to 90°. The kit includes 2 operators with...


Recommended accessories.


Lever for articulated arm, E5 BT A12, E5 BT A18


Short pedestrian slide lever for E5 BT A12


Long slide lever for E5 BT A18

D114168 00003

Flashing light with incorporated antenna for motors with 24 V power supply. White flashing light.

D114094 00003

Flashing light without incorporated antenna for motors with 24 V power supply.

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